NIVADA SWISS promotion regarding DIALO cell phone service:

The NIVADA SWISS promotion includes a free PRO plan for 6 months (6 cycles) as a gift. To activate the plan and/or request portability, the user must contact the DIALO Call Center (55 4164 3049 and 55 4164 3050). It is important that the user shares his ICCID number (SIM card serial number) to corroborate that it is a SIM given as part of the NIVADA promotion. The DIALO advisor will have to generate the necessary network configurations for the user to fully enjoy the service, as well as the user's registration in DIALO's customer portal.

To access this promotion, the customer will have to activate the plan before January 31, 2022, otherwise, the promotion will be canceled. Monthly renewals will be automatic and it is the responsibility of DIALO to renew them until 6 months (6 cycles) are completed.

GIFT MOBILE TELEPHONE SERVICE: PRO 20+20 GB DIALO plan valid for 30 days (1 cycle). The gift includes 6 free cycles. The PRO plan offers Mobile Telephony services through a 4.5G VoLTE network, tariff registered before the IFT 444705 which can be consulted at

It includes 20GB of mobile data at 4.5G network speed and 20GB at 512kbps speed. This plan does not have the function of sharing mobile data with other devices (Hotspot). Coverage in Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Includes 1,500 minutes and 1,000 SMS.

If the line does not show a consumption of minutes, data or SMS greater than 10% in 30 days, the promoted offer will be suspended. The line will remain with incoming traffic, and in case the user requires the activation of outgoing traffic, he/she will have to purchase a new plan through the website, with prices to the general public and without the promoted offer.

In case the user makes full use of the data, minutes, and/or SMS during any of the 6 months of the PRO plan, the user will be able to contract additional data, minutes, and/or SMS at an additional cost, by contacting the DIALO Call Center.

If the user requires additional telephony services (i.e. Traveler Plans) during any of the 6 months of the PRO plan, this will have an additional cost, which must be fully covered by the user, who will have to contact DIALO to know the rates by calling the DIALO Call Center or on the website:

DIALO reserves the right to contact the Customer to promote its services at the end of the promotion. If the Customer does not wish to renew a plan to continue with a paid service, it will be suspended and will remain active only with incoming traffic until the terms are established by the telecommunications law.