Our Signature Style

Distinguished by its timeless, chic, and avant-garde styles, Nivada Swiss continues to display, with each of its watch families, a Swiss signature that evokes nothing less than the quality forged over the years



Where Innovation Meets Elegance!


Millionaire Man
Platinum Blue Classic

For the business man who inspires confidence and good maners


Fashion Dragon
Fly Rose Gold

Chic & feminine design that will make you shine


Colorama Gold

Get the chic attitude



For this panoply of watches, we had to keep the Nivada Swiss philosophy. The result is an attractive and respectful of the old codes, without compromise, according to the same quality standards as modern high-end watches.

From the people
From the people
Nivada Swiss Millionaire are fabulous, you'll never keep anyone waiting longer than they expected with one of these proudly on your wrist.
A Swiss timepiece of precision & beauty !
— Rayan Moses
From the people
Watches have outstanding reliability and attract attention...I am in love with my CITRUS Lady White & Turquoise.
— Ana Belen
Designed buy us

For You & For Her



The executive collection ensures your daily or formal office look, with a modern design to match any outfit, executive will always be with you.

Selected For You

For Her

We have ladies' watches to suit every occasion, from practical and stylish women's watches you'll love to wear every day, to beautiful timepieces for those special occasions when you want to stand out from the crowd.

For Him

Take a look at our collection of men's watches, where you'll find a watch to suit every taste. If you're looking for something classic and timeless or contemporary and sporty, our watches come with a variety of styles so you can show off your style.

Corporates Sales

Design your own, customized watch to be crafted by us and delivered to you. Choose your style, your logo, engrave your name or birthday ...personalized watches to satisfy you and make you stand out!


Revisión Nivada Skymaster

Una vieja marca que renacio en dos